New alternative tourist destinations on Lombok Island: let's have them explored!

(Photo: Bukit Jagung/ source: @_dayyu)

Having lots of tourism objects makes Lombok is well known to be one of the best travel destinations in the world. It is frankly speaking that this island has richness over tourism objects and places in terms its natural beauty, local wisdoms, cultures, and heritages. 

So here we go! There are several latest alternative tourist destinations on Lombok that are worth visiting.

1. Batu Jamur Beach

(Photo: Batu Jamur/ source:

The name of this place is taken from the way it looks. The stone looks like a fungus when we see it in whole. Posing in this spot photo is suitable for those who love capturing the moment for their social media feeds.

Located in Jerowaru, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, this place can be reached approximately two hours from Mataram city, or an hour from Lombok international airport. 

In this place, you will be pleased by its natural beauty, exotic beach views, and stunning photo spot. However, since this place does not provide local pubs or warong to buy foods and drink, it is recommended for you to prepare them all before going there.

2. Jero Kerti Waterfall

(Photo: Jero Kerti Waterfall/ source:

Jero Kerti waterfall is located in Desa Murpeji, Lingsar, West Lombok. To reach this waterfall takes almost two hours from Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara Province. 

This waterfall will be suitable for those who like adventurous place. Its track is quite challenging before 30 minutes reaching the waterfalls out. However, you will enjoy this trip since you will be greeted by its natural beauty, fresh air, cold weather, and green forest. 

3. Corn Hills, Jerowaru

(Photo: Bukit Jagung/ source: @lombokfriendly)

Bukit Jagung or corn hills, frankly speaking, this latest photo spot is actually does not have an official name. However, people call it Bukit Jagung. It becomes one of the newest destinations in Lombok because its beauty.

To reach this place, it takes approximately 2,5 hours from Mataram or 1,5 hours from Lombok International Airport. This place not only provide the beauty of paddy field, but also the cliffs and beach that are also exotic. 

There are some destinations that are also close with this place, therefore visiting this place will give some additional points. 

So those are three latest tourist destinations on Lombok island that can be your references. Keep reading our website to get new interesting info and contents! 

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