48 hours in North Lombok, what need to do and what need to know

Photo: Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Bayan, North Lombok/ lombokgamazine.com

If you are a guest visiting Lombok island and having time to visit North Lombok in 48 hours, here are several things you need to do and you need to know.

Arriving in Mataram, or if you are already in Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province, you can continue your journey to North Lombok by taking two optional paths. First, you can opt for Pusuk Pass, or Senggigi Road as your second option; both are recommended for you to enjoy the beauty of Lombok island. If you are a nature lover, it will be good if you take Pusuk road where you can see the natural panorama of tropical forest, green trees, hills, along with its fresh air. And if you are a beach lover, you can ask the driver to pick the other one: Senggigi road. This road will please your eyes with exotic beach views. Some people state Senggigi-Malimbu is identical with California road.

DAY 1: During the first hour on the way getting in North Lombok (08.00-09.00 am)

Assuming that you are taking Pusuk pass, where you can enjoy the beauty of the green forest as well as the natural beauty of the hills. In this place, you can drop by for buying traditional drink called Tuak Manis, a drink that is sourced from Aren trees which is good for your body and health, in addition it is so fresh and tastes good. Another things you can buy are traditional cakes as well as fresh fruits. If you are a person who love eating durian, this place is suitable for you, since it is a central place of this King of Fruits.

You can buy all of those things along the way of Pusuk Pass, since there are many pubs that provide those stuffs with affordable price and good qualities.

Photo: Monkeys in Pusuk Forest/ instagram @ayu.harsono

Besides doing those things, you can also drop by for feeding and taking photograph with the monkeys. The monkeys are exactly not wild, so you can take a photo closer to them. It will be a good thing if you bring some snacks or fruits for them as well.

After you enjoy feeding the monkeys and indulging with the beauty of Pusuk Pass, you can continue your journey to get closer to the town. You will like this trip, since Pusuk pass not only provides you with the natural beauty of the green trees along the road, but also the sensation of a circuit-like road. Don't you think that it will be a pretty cool trip?

The second hour of journey: getting in to Bangsal Harbour for visiting Gili islands (09.00-09.30 am)

After having an hour of journey of getting in to North Lombok, you can start enjoying your holiday to Bangsal harbour. This is another harbour that can take you to the Gili islands. Recently, the government of North Lombok already launched an E-ticketing system in which you can buy your boat's ticket by online system or through application. So, before you come to North Lombok, you already got your ticket in your smartphone.

If you do manually, arriving at this harbour, you can choose which Gili island you want to visit. For your information, there are three beautiful islands in North Lombok called Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Gili Air. These three exotic islands located closer one another. The closest one is Gili Air, and the one which is located in the middle is Gili Meno, and the farthest one is Gili Trawangan. You can directly choose which Gili island you want to opt.

Photo: Gili Trawangan Harbor/ lombokmagazine.com

Assuming that you choose Gili Trawangan Island, where your boat will take 30 minutes for getting there; or if you take the fast boat it only takes only 7 to 10 minutes. On the way to reach GT, you also can savor yourself with the beauty of the blue sea as well as the landscape of another islands- the views will definitely fascinate your eyes.

In Gili Trawangan, you can please yourself by enjoying the beautiful beach that is so exotic.This place provides beautiful panorama, warm beaches' sensations, and no pollution- since there's no modern transportation allowed; only bicycle and horse cars that you can rent with affordable price if you are going to have a trip around this island.

Spending the rest hours of your day in this island is recommended, because you will have a chance to experience the night life party as well as taking a pleasure on every inch beauty of this not-sleeping-island.

Photo: Gili Trawangan/ pixabay.com

However, if you  are not going to spend the night on this island, you can continue the journey by getting back to the harbour in the afternoon. Assuming that you get back at 15.00 pm to Bangsal.

The eighth hour of the journey: getting closer to the 'heartbeat' of North Lombok

Getting out from Bangsal harbour, you can continue the journey to the capital town of North Lombok: Tanjung district. To reach this place, it only takes 10-15 minutes.

In this place, you can drop by to taste the iconic local foods named Sate Tanjung and Pelecing Opak. Sate Tanjung is fish-satay that tastes delicious with its original spice and smooth texture of the fish. While Pelecing Opak is vegetables mixed with local spice or sambal, - in other words, it is a local salad from Lombok served with Opak or grilled chips originally made from the essence of cassava.

Photo: Sate Tanjung/ lombokmagazine.com

After enjoying the atmosphere and exotic locals' lives in this area, you can proceed your journey to the next agenda.

The ninth hour of the journey: dropping by to enjoy the northern sunset (17.00-18.30 pm)

The closing agenda on the first day of the trip is enjoying the sunset of the north Lombok.

On the way to visit the next destinations, you can drop by in some spots to enjoy sunset view. Some of which are Montong Pal beach, where you can taste local coffee or seafood. It is about 20-30 minutes from Tanjung. The other one is Beraringan in Kayangan district, it takes approximately 40 mintues. This place provides modern and local foods as the accompaniment to enjoy the sunset. While the other ones, along the way to reach Bayan, some beaches also can be good options for enjoying sunset.

Photo: Sunset view/ lombokmagazine.com

Finally, after viewing sunset, you can continue the trip to Bayan; it is the destination for the second day trip. To reach this place, it takes about 1 to an hour and a half. You are going to have an overnight here by booking cottages or homestay provided that are best in qualities.

DAY 2: Learning history on the first hour of the journey by visiting ancient mosque 'Masjid Kuno Bayan Beleq' (09.00-12.00 pm)

After having breakfast, the journey on the second day started by visiting traditional village Bayan Beleq. In here, you will have opportunities to learn about the history, local wisdoms, and exotic ancient mosque that was firstly built in Lombok island.

Photo: The ancient Mosque of Bayan Beleq/ lombokmagazine.com

This mosque is made from bamboo, along with its wall and roof; while its floor is made from clay. It also has small door which symbolizes the respect of its visitors. In front of its door, there's a small pottery used for taking 'wudhu'. Usually, this mosque is used for certain events in certain months (this will be explained more in the next session).

Besides having a look to the ancient mosque and several tombs around it, you will have the opportunity to witness the traditional houses of Bayan Beleq along with its traditional weaving clothes. You will be pleased with its local atmosphere and the local people who are really nice and friendly.

Photo: Local people, Bayan beleq/ lombokmagazine.com

After spending the time in Bayan Beleq, you can proceed the tour to Senaru. This only takes approximately 10 minutes from here.

Closing trip of Day 2: Visiting hidden paradise in Senaru, Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls

Having a lunch in Senaru will give such an unforgettable experience since you will feel the sensation eating on the hilly area along with its beautiful landscape, fresh air, and its delicious foods. It will boost your energy and mood to continue the next trip for the closing agenda in the second day, that is visiting two beautiful waterfalls, namely Sendang Gile waterfall and Tiu Kelep waterfalls.

These two waterfalls can be reached in a one-way trip. After stepping down hundred stairs, you will be greeted by two step-ladder waterfall that has 30 meters height above sea level, named Sendang Gile waterfall.

Photo: Sendang Gile Waterfall/ lombokmagazine.com

The name of Sendang Gile waterfall is derived from a legend which tells a mad lion ran to the forest after making a chaos situation in the village. Some people also claimed this place was used to bath by the princess, as cited from wikipedia.

Continuing the trip to reach the second waterfall, Tiu Kelep Waterfall only takes 15 to 20 minutes from this waterfall. Tiu Kelep is the biggest waterfall that has 42 meters in height. The route to reach this waterfall is safe and accessible. You will enjoy the natural forest, water flow, and its fogs.

Photo: Tiu Kelep Waterfall/ lombokmagazine.com

After enjoying the rest day of the trip in Tiu Keelep, we are going to return back to Mataram in the afternoon.

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