Beautiful sight of Tiu Ngumbak waterfall in North Lombok, easy to access and natural still

As one of the areas located on the foot of Rinjani Mountain, North Lombok indeed has lots of 'gifts' formed in its natural beauty. It is showed by a number of marvelous places as its tourism destinations, including waterfalls. One of those is Tiu Ngumbak waterfall.

Located in Gumantar village, Kayangan District, Tiu Ngumbak waterfall is such an attractive tourism object to visit, since this two-stepladder waterfall provides beautiful panorama along with its impressive natural sensation for its visitors. This place also will give unforgettable experience for those who love traveling.

To reach this place, visitors only need to drive three hours in maximum from Mataram City, the capital town of Nusa Tenggara province. Starting from driving to Tanjung as the down town of North Lombok for one hour, and then proceeded to Kayangan district for half an hour. The entrance of Gumantar village in where this waterfall is located is about 15 minutes from the horses-statues roundabout. The entrance itself is located on the right side of the road, where this is also a way to visit 'Bale Beleq Gumantar'--the traditional village of Gumantar.

From this entrance, it will take 30 minutes for reaching the entrance of the waterfall-- a way to the forest. Well, the real journey exactly started from here. From this entrance, the visitors will be greeted by the natural green forest yet the road is still accessible.

Driving for about 20 minutes along the natural forest, the length of the journey is not going to be boring. Because the green landscape of the trees, plants, green-look  cliffs, and the birds' sounds will calm our mind and souls-- and of course is much better than staying in the middle of a crowded place. Along with the journey, the visitors will find a junction, where it already has a marker to reach the parking area of this waterfall.

After arriving at the 'parking area'--exactly a garden which is used to park transportations before going down to the waterfall-- the visitors only need to walk down for about 20-30 minutes in the forest to reach the waterfalls. The way to reach it is quite challenging, this seemed to give a popped-out-adrenaline experience for its visitors because we exactly need to stepping down the cliffs. However, it is still safe since the natural handles from the roots and trees are provided well.

Going down to reach the waterfalls seems very easy and takes a shorter time, since it has clear footholds. The fresh air, the smells of forest's soil, wet trees, birds' sound, wild berries and flowers will also accompany us to get closer to this hidden heaven.

Getting closer to this place, the visitors will be greeted by the sounds' of the water flow. This is as a sign that the struggle will be paid, and the beautiful panorama will greet and feast our eyes.

Tiu Ngumbak 

Dwika Panan (16 years old), local visitor from Tanjung District stated that Tiu Ngumbak waterfall is such a marvelous place to fulfill holidays. She claimed, her long trip is paid off by seeing the natural beauty of the waterfall.

"It is cool, and I don't regret my long journey where my leg almost slip" said her.

Safe and clean destination

"Not only is Tiu Ngumbak beautiful, but also safe and clean area".

It is true that Indonesian people are humble and helpful, and so are people in North Lombok. This island also becomes the safest area to visit, so the visitors no need to feel insecure about safety. 

Visiting Tiu Ngumbak is also safe, because the locals will directly feel responsible for visitors' safety. They will greet and give some guidance, there's also some professional guides provided from the villagers.

Rihan (29 years old), a guide who is used to help both domestic and international tourist, claimed that over the years this tourism place have well contributed to the village's income. He also stated, for more than two years has already been helping tourist to reach the waterfall in safe.

"I used to accompany them (the tourist), they also bring their car but will be picked up by local riders until the parking area." He said.

"Many visitors come during weekend, even some visitors also come on the working days" he added.

Becoming as the part of people who has responsibility to take care of the area, he claimed that there is no littering allowed. In the tourism object, some of plastic garbage banks are also provided.

"We need to take care of our environment" he stated.

Additional recommendations

As this place is adventurous place, there are some stuffs need to be considered before going to this place. Firstly, make sure you bring your needed stuffs e.g. certain medicines, meals and beverages since there is no pubs in the forest, and pay attention to your shoes. It is possible to use sandal, but it's much better if you use the adventure shoes. 

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